What to write?

With each passing day, it gets harder to decide the answer to that question. Everything is new.

Language class is progressing, but I feel like I’m learning at least as much from my host family. I don’t understand nearly everything, but I can wrap my head around a little more every day. They seem to understand me a little better, too. How strange to have a foreigner in your home, who either speaks in garbled riddles or like a child!

  The other night, a few of us who are living in one part of town were invited to the municipal center to meet the head of the district. Everyone was offered snacks and water and then there were a few little speeches. Each of the volunteers introduced him or herself (in Indonesian). Then the photo session began. Pretty much anywhere we go as a group, officially or not, photos are taken. Of us, with us, it doesn’t really matter. That won’t be our biggest adjustment.


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