Social Media

Indonesians are world champions of social media. I am not. I enjoyed Facebook and blogging for a long time before I finally got fed up with it. I found curating an online persona exhausting, which is why I declared social media bankruptcy a few years ago. I still see the utility and even the enjoyment that can be won from joining [pick a platform], but personally, I’d rather invest my limited time and patience in other endeavors.

img_0924Nevertheless, since coming to Indonesia, I’ve been trying to keep up this blog, and I enjoy posting the odd picture to Instagram. I started posting news stories to Twitter and Tumblr once in a while, but haven’t been particularly consistent. That is, until now.

Part of our job as Peace Corps Volunteers is “to help promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.” I only knew very little about Indonesia before I found out I’d be living here for two years, so I’d like to spread the word about what’s happening in this enormous, diverse and fascinating archipelago. Tune in, if you choose, for news stories from all over Indonesia as well as tidbits from my own corner of East Java.


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