All work and no play…

One of my favorite things about teaching foreign languages is trying out new activities with my students. I hesitate to call them games (even thought that’s often exactly what they are), because my Indonesian colleagues don’t always appreciate the merit of learning through playing. Luckily, the students are more receptive. Games are more than playing, more than winning and losing. They encourage students to use language actively, and though the situations might not be 100% authentic, the context can be realistic enough for concepts to sink in.

img_2359I will be starting a new series of blog posts profiling my favorite language activities (including games). In each post, I will include notes about classroom management, grammar and vocabulary, perhaps even a photo or two. All of these posts will be accessible under the TESOL menu. If you’re interested in a specific kind of activity or perhaps a grammatical concept, try the tag cloud.

If you’ve used an activity before, I’d be interested to hear how it worked for you. Feel free to comment with your own adaptations or other feedback.


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